Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes, it is here already...SUMMER! Our hours are extending and we want everyone to know.
The store will be open:
Mon-Thurs 10-6
Fri & Sat 10-8
Sun 11-6
Enjoy this beautiful weather and we look forward to seeing you downtown!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting with the Times

Mavdog here. Looks like I'm taking over Shad's Blog. I thought he may keep posting from wherever he went, but mom says probably not. I'm gonna try and do a good job, but I have alot of activities that keep me real busy especially now that spring is here...frisbee #1, fetch of any kind (jollyball, toys, balls, sticks, logs, firewood, etc). Mom said she would help me focus and I told her she needs to get with the times...facebook, twitter...and link them all so people can know what's going on! She hesitatingly agreed.
Point is - Check us out on facebook and twitter - Just click the links on the right.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sara here. Sorry to report on such a sad note, but we lost our Shadrach today. While we wish we had more time with him, the last few months have been wonderful. We are so happy to have him spend the remainder of his life in the comfort of our home and not the cold floor of a shelter.

Shaddy had a large mass that was growing in his spleen. The mass led to anemia. He had some ups and downs since he came home with us, but he was always able to rally back. On Friday he took a turn and we spent the weekend enjoying our last moments with him.

This is another friendly reminder to all - Please do not purchase pets. ADOPT - SAVE A LIFE. They give back to you so much more than you can ever do for them!

Please enjoy these photos of Shad taken by the always fabulous Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography.