Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taco,here. My people are Heather Bohm-Tallman of HBT Photo and Chad Tallman of the Bread Basket. Mom brought me a toy from DAWGDOM the other day and here is my review. It's a all natural handmade 100% boiled wool Octopus! Look how freaken cute it is!!

Here I am, chewing the same rubber chicken I've been chewing since Christmas time. I really wish I had a more unique, colorful & durable toy to gnaw on. Hmmm...I kind of feel like someone is behind me.

Aha! You are mine!

Hmm, this is pretty good.

Ahhh! The ecstasy of gnawing on dense fabric...great for getting out doggy tension and exercising my jaw. big sister "Queen Lily" is coming towards me. Don't even think about taking my new toy!

I give this toy an A+. Or if based on the "Pips Super Scientific Ratings Chart" I rate my new Octopus friend 5 spots. I keep chewing and he's still there...I'm sure he'll last a long time!!


  1. How do I get one of these toys? I cant find where I can oder one.

  2. Stephanie - Dawgdom sells them and they can ship one to you if you need them to. Their number is 518.306.6600. I think you will beable to order from their website soon too.

  3. How cute is that? I would love to get Buddy one, but how long does it really last? He gnaws through pretty much everything!