Monday, February 16, 2009


So, I was so tired last night I couldn't even introduce myself or say what I am planning to do. It took me a really long time to set up this whole thing, so instead of blogging I went to sleeps. Now I'm up and ready to get going. I'm Shaddy, the newest addition to Dawgdom's family. I was living at a rescue group down state for a while and then they closed down. The nice peoples at Catskill Humane Society picked me up and I lived with them for a few months. During the day I was able to greet all the shelter visitors cause they let me stay up at the reception area. My shelter friends were afraid that no one would come for me cause I am 13 and a little stiff in the legs. Sara and Dave heard my story and picked me up the other week. I was really nervous at first, but I am easing my way into it now and getting more comfortable everyday. There are two dogs at their house, Sadie and Maverick who aren't bad. Sadie keeps to herself with me. Maverick is a hyper youngster who I am not sure of just yet.

I want to come to the store sometime so I can greet all the peoples, but I get real nervous in the car. I am going to try and work on that. So, since I am not coming in just yet I wanted to keep busy. You know, it keeps ya young. I thought I would start a blog. I hope to blog about all sorts of things - Dog issues, personal things, and hopefully fun things too. I hope some of my new friends will add things too.

I added this photo from yesterday. It is from when I discovered the comfort of the couch. Oh boy! I LOVE IT.


  1. Wow! Great Blog! Welcome to the fun, Shaddy!

    Your friends take great photos!

    I can't wait to meet you this week!

  2. This site is terrific - i get to see great pictures of my grandchildren and to talk to them as well. What could be better!