Friday, February 20, 2009

Pip's Scientific Review of Himalayan Dog Chew

Allo everyone! Pip here. I was recently adopted from Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue. I am good friends with Shaddy and Maverick over at Dawgdom. I like Sadie too, but I don’t think the feeling is mutual… yet, anyway. The shop has asked if I would sample one of their newest and most exciting products:

The Himalayan Dog Chew!!!!

I was very excited when the store got these in. My mum has heard so much about them and our greyhound friends Angel and River already gave them the dewclaws up. I couldn’t wait to try one! Himalayan Dog Chews are a special kind of preserved cheese. They are made from yak and cow’s milk, a little salt and a little lime juice. They are all natural and have no chemicals or preservatives (I don’t really care about stuff like that, but my mum does so I thought I would mention it.)

Boy that dog on the package sure does look happy!

Here’s what it looks like out of the package. Please forgive the state of my mum’s fingernails.

Come on, give it already! Let the scientific testing begin...

Nom, nom, nom...

This is what it looked like after a half hour of steady chewing. I’m about a medium chewer.

Not bad, but more tests must be run!
Nom, nom, nom…

Here’s what it looked like after an hour of chewing. I just didn’t want to stop!

So after an hour mum took it away so I could have some more tomorrow. I really can’t wait. I have to say that this treat is everything a dog could want. It tastes great. It does have an odor but not a strong one. It smells faintly like smoked cheese. It does not appear to stain paws or dog beds so it’s probably safe on carpets. The best thing about it is that even though it’s edible it lasts a pretty long time! You just chew on the ends to soften it and little chunks of cheese will eventually come off. Mmmm! They last as long as small rawhides and are much healthier.

So, Himalayan Dog Chew, you get a 5 SPOT rating from me. Congrats!

This is Pip saying, “Cheerio!”


  1. Woof! I am so jealous because my mom hasn't bought me one yet!! I should make sure and eat another wallet so they think I need more chew bones. I give it 5 licky-bities!

  2. Dear Pip, Your Mom just gave me more instruction for commenting on your Blog. So here is a second try. If this fails, I will have to use more traditional carriers such as piggion or snail.
    Congratulations on your primier Blog entry. I am glad that they are using you for such a much needed service. It isn't easy to find a qualified taste tester who can speak (or blog)for the customers at Dawgdom. You certainly are qualified. I am glad your first test result was a Fivs Spot rating. I would hate to see you waste your time and calories on lack luster star entries.
    One helpful suggestion, you may want to use the same scientific grading system towards the food that your Mom gives you. You can let her know that dry dog food just does not cut it.
    Best wishes from a Fan in Ohio (grandma?)

  3. Taffy, Truffles, Muttley and Alfie, who are romping together in "the next room," are quite jealous of Pip's culinary responsibilities but wish him well, despite all the stresses of testing. He is one lucky Pip!

    Posted by another Buckeye State Fan

  4. Thanks, Pip, for the review. My mom bought me some Himalayan dog chews and, boy, are they yummy. I was such a good boy while mom worked in her office and just chewed and chewed. Mom liked them because they didn't leave little pieces on the floor like some of my bones. It sure kept me busy for a while, and since I'm an Irish setter pup, I'm pretty active.

    Your friend, Riley

    PS, my mom does transports and fosters for A&B, we love those puppies!

  5. Himalayan dog chews are like dog nip for dogs. My dog loves it! He barks at it, tosses it in the air and pounces on it. It is the best, definitely worth shopping around for the best price.

  6. We love these-as a vegetarian, I don't have to handle weird parts that stink and my dog loves these more than anything else he chews! And they last forever for a small dog who is a hearty chewer!