Monday, August 17, 2009



Chase and his people came in on Sunday and picked out a large green "Verve" Canini Collar (worth $50) for winning our July Giveaway! He seemed like a very happy boy!

Chase is a 2 year old yellow lab who has been such a gift to his new family. The Deckers adopted him from another family who decided they couldn't care for him as he deserved. He is described by everybody as "loving and mellow." He loves car rides and going for long walks.

"We are so excited. Thank you! I discovered that Chase looks like the store's mascot Maverick! He looks good in the simple red collar we brought him home but it will be nice to change it up every once in awhile after a swim! THANK YOU FROM CHASE AND HIS FAMILY!"
- Karen Decker

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  1. awww, the collar looks great! congratulations Chase :)