Monday, March 2, 2009

Thoughts of an Aging Mutt

Sorry I haven't written more often. I am still getting settled in my new home, hopefully my forever home. It takes us older folks some time to get comfortable and feel secure. We've had a whole life of experiences both good and bad to remind us that we are not in control of where it all takes us. All of this thinking on my part left me exhausted. I slept 2/3rds of most days for the first month I've been here. All that said, I am getting the hang of it. I like my people. Sadie is real bossy sometimes. Maverick is a rambunctious youngster who ignores me most of the time except when he is pushing me out of the way. I snuggle on the couch on a regular basis, which is great except I can't get off without assistance - You see, I am old. The one thing that terrifies me is the car and recently they have been taking me on short rides. I hope there is a very good reason for this, other than scaring me half to death!

I was looking over Sara's shoulder the other night, while snuggling on the couch, and noticed that the current issue of Bark Magazine has me in it! Not me really, but the idea of me - old dogs. The whole issue is celebrating us old timers, so I read it cover to cover. I suggest you go buy it if you don't already have it! My favorite article was about Old Dog Haven, a non-profit group in Washington State that helps senior dogs live out their final moments in home environments. Judith Piper is the founder and has helped over 600 dogs in under 5 years leave this world feeling loved and respected instead of forgotten on a cold kennel floor.

A volunteer for ODH points out that we are not all about special needs, medicines and leaky bladders! She's quoted, "They are easy. They're usually housebroken. They don't chew your stuff. If you want to take them out for a walk, they're ready to go. But if you want to hang out at home, they're happy to do that too." I can vouch for that being the truth! I don't like long walks though. My point is that it is good article and a great issue of the magazine. The spring issue of Modern Dog seems to have an article that highlights this same haven. I googled elderly dog organizations and there are only a handful throughout the country. My point - They are important, we need more of them and we should give generously to the ones that are out there!
Bark doesn't have its article online, but Mod Dog does. Check it out before it's gone:

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  1. What an excellent way to start this discussion. AS an aging mutt myself, i am looking forward to the many comments that will appear here.