Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lucky Pip

Hello friends! Pip here.

I have some pretty exciting news on the doggie products front. There is a wonderful line of collars out there made by a lovely company called Lucky Fiona. They use cool retro and vintage fabrics to make really unique and oh-so-stylish collars (and you know, dear readers, that I'm all about style).
Plus, Fiona is an English Setter and really pretty cute:

(don't tell Sadie I said that!)

So on Fiona's blog, pets can send in pictures of themselves wearing their new collars and Fiona will pick one of them to be a "Friend of Fiona". Friends of Fiona get to choose any collar they want as a free prize. And guess what??

She picked me!!

I had mum send in these pictures of me in my new "Ted" collar. I tried to pose extra handsome so Fiona would pick me but really, was there any contest? Nah!

Be sure to check out Lucky Fiona's blog. Shadrach plans on bringing in these collars soon to the shop so stop by and check them out. You will be the coolest cat (er, dog) in Saratoga if you wear one of these so go on, starting chewing on your human's wallet until they take the hint. (My friend River knows exactly what I'm talking about.)

Pip, supermodel

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  1. You better stay true to me Pipsqueak!